2017 Pre season meeting report


Friends of Jesus Green Swimming Pool – Pre Season Meeting

Date: Tuesday 14th March 2017 Time: 18:30-20:00
Venue: Sir Jack Hobbs Room – Hobbs Pavilion
Note Taker: Julie Durrant
Attendee’s Ian Ross, Julie Durrant, Daryl Emes, Shirley Oliver

Nicola Kerrison, Lucy Hines, Becky Allen, Nicky Blanning, Paul Mylrea, Charles Geach, Caroline Lewis, Katherine Hodson, David Carpenter, Christopher Thorpe, Victoria Bursa

Apologies: Anne Campbell, Francis Jeans, Emma Bateman, Richard Folley, Colin Stewart, Owen Spencer-Thomas, Jenny Simmons, Richard Murrant


Agenda Items:
1 Arrival & Refreshment
2 Personnel in place for 2017 season
2 Female and Male shower/toilet blocks – Everyday issues & refurbishment
3 Suggested change of early morning swim days
4 Leaf & general cleanliness
5 Basket room attendant
6 Café – opening times & retail items
7 Planned events


Notes / Actions
1 Shirley Oliver to be General Manager of Jesus Green for this season with

Sam & Helen from last year being Duty Managers again

2 Opening date is Saturday 13th May until 24th September

Pre-opening for Friends and regulars on Friday 12th May

3 Basket room will remain the same but Better,

Suggestion of volunteers for this role and others in exchange for time credit scheme.

4 Change of early morning swims was discussed and agreed due to the pump out facilities being at its worst on Mondays, Early morning swims will be Tuesday 7am, Wednesday 6.30am & Fridays 7am.

JD advised that Friends that were unable to make the meeting wanted to raise if there was scope for 5 early morning openings but unfortunately this is not possible.  There was also a suggestion of early opening for season ticket holders but again this is not possible.

5 DE explained the fast track kiosk is still being looked into but costs may be prohibitive.
6 A suggestion was made to simplify the pricing display board.
7 Toilets and shower are to have a refresh

Suggestion was made for a hand rail on the opposite side to the showers in the ladies as this area can get slippery.

8 Hot water in the men’s showers was mentioned and the temperature to be monitored.


9 The timing of the ladies showers to be looked at as they only come on for around 10 seconds and need to be constantly pressed.
10 The café will be open regardless of the weather at the following times below outside of these times there will be vending machines and a hot drinks machine.

Monday & Thursday – 12-3pm

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday – 11-3pm

11 Café area to back of basket room will open again and signs put up to ensure customers know that they can use this area.

This area will also stock retails items such as swimming costumes, goggles etc.

12 Becky brought forward the idea of selling postcards of the pool and other suggestions of retail items were

Jumpers, T-shirts, silicon swimming hats, tote bags

Any other suggestions please email pools@cambridge.gov.uk

13 Events planned in so far out of hours are

Pre-opening for Friends and regulars

Chesterton Childrens Orchestra in June

Star & Mouse Film Festival May half term

Family Day

14 Trees and bushes were raised and CCC will try and arrange for these to be pruned.  An area to be cut back which could be used as a viewing window for potential new customers.
15 Becky confirmed that she will be organising the Swim in the Cam again this year.