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Great News from BETTER

Excellent news from Daryl Emes, BETTER Cambridgeshire Partnership Manager.

……due to the excellent feedback and safe running of the facility so far I am pleased to say we are going to push the season back a further week so we will now be closing on Sunday 6th September instead – giving an extra week’s swimming!


So thank you, everyone, for making your views known and all the excellent comments.

Obviously on the assumption that nothing changes (hours and procedures) 🙂

BETTER app problems.

If you are having problems with the BETTER app then, please contact the addresses below:

Please email with any issues.

If it is a case that they have registered for online bookings in the past but can’t remember their password and need it reset, or they have set up a new account but the e-mail address is linked to an old account then we can do this at centre level so get people to email or for those specific issues.

Kind regards
Daryl Emes
Cambridgeshire Partnership Manager

2020 Pool Opening Information

Dear Friends of Jesus Green Lido

The Lido is looking great!

The pool will open officially on 25 July 2020. There will be some free Friends’ sessions (bookable) on Friday 24 July. The season will run to 30 August 2020.

Hours of operation will be Monday to Friday 07.00 to 19.00 hours; weekends 10.00 to 18.00 hours. Last bookable entry one hour before closure.

Important points to note and observe

All sessions are bookable in advance, one hour slots – running every ten minutes to spread arrivals and departures.  There is an App: Better UK which can be used to arrange membership (eg Pay and Play) and for booking sessions.  Otherwise book via their website. Sessions can be booked up to five days in advance for non-members and seven days for members.  The recommendation is to get registered via the App in advance.

Better have created a circular access and exit route around the facility. Please see the web-link at the end for guidance. There will be one inside shower available and one outside at either end, separate for men and women.

Only adults and children over the age of 11 years will be admitted, for lane swimming only. No sauna, no catering.

This means a different feel to the normal season, but we are very fortunate that Better and the Council have made considerable efforts to get the Lido open, so we all need to book and swim!

Booking opens on Tuesday 21 July at 18.00 hours.

Jesus Green Pool opening progress for 2020 season.

We recently wrote to the local councillors after we had meetings with BETTER & council officers and received the following speedy response from Councillor, Cheney Payne:

Date: 17 Jun 2020

Dear Mr Hudson,

I have had an update from the officers that they are already starting to plan for the re-opening – they don’t have a date yet but are keen to have the pool open as soon as possible, and will let me know their timeline once they have had chance to think it through further.  I will keep you informed as I find out more concrete information: but the wheels are in motion.  I’ll keep checking in, as I think it is really important we have the pool open as quickly as possible.
Best Wishes,
In reply to Will’s letter below:

Dear Councillors
Opening of Jesus Green Lido 2020
We all appreciate that the City Council, GLL, local businesses and many individuals are facing
multiple financial, physical and psychological strains in these unprecedented times. The current
pandemic has affected us all, but with the current easing of the lockdown, Swim England has now
produced five key Pool Reopening Guidelines that include operator and user guidelines. So following these guidelines the Friends of Jesus Green Lido would like to see the pool open as soon as possible.
Currently as of the morning of 16th June 2020 the pool is empty, so being realistic the lead-up time to getting the pool ready, getting staff in place and importantly, trained in effective procedures that must be in place to ensure everyone’s safety is 2-3 weeks. Effective procedures will include online booking, signage and user guidance specifically for Jesus Green Lido. This facility could be ready by early July.

I mentioned in the opening paragraph the psychological impact of the pandemic, the opening of the pool would benefit many users who for whatever reason are unable to participate in other activates. The benefits of open air swimming are well documented.

We would welcome your support to ensure this fantastic and unique facility in Cambridge is re-
opened for the remainder of the season for the benefit of all.

A swift response would be most welcome.
Yours Sincerely
Will Hudson
On behalf of Friends Jesus Green Lido

A message from Jesus Green Lido

Message from Daryl Eaves, BETTER Cambridge Partnership Manager

Hi All,
Firstly as is customary I hope you and your loved ones are safe and well.

It would normally be around this time I would be sending a last minute message to remind everyone about the Lido opening (it was due to be open from this Friday 8th May 2020).

Sadly it’s not to be and so with the help of my 10 year old daughter here’s a little something that we made for you to hopefully fill a little of the void of not being able to meet up on the pool’s edge. It’s a little quiet at the start so you may need to turn up the volume a bit.

I hope you enjoy!

Please feel free to share the link with anyone you know will appreciate it  but just a note this is not an approved video from a media point of view and is simply hoping to provide a bit of cheer in these mad times.

Take care everyone and hopefully, we’ll be able to meet again soon (somewhere over the rainbow!)

Daryl Emes

Cambridgeshire Partnership Manager

Sad News

Sad news, Sue, a regular at Jesus Green has died.

Many friends may well remember Sue Warrington, who died at her home last Monday,9th March. Her son,Ian, wishes friends to be told and a further announcement about a funeral date and arrangements will be made in due course. In the meantime, if you wish to know anything, contact Francis Jeans, Cambridge 367467 but not to contact the family at the moment.

Sue was a great regular at the pool or over 30 years and would have been known by many people. She will be greatly missed not only at the pool but at all the parties and trips to Dunwich which she attended until her husband Trevor died 4 years ago.

Winter Lido Visits

Firstly our visit to Park Road Baths, Crouch End on 27th January: –

Seven of us enjoyed the trip to this 50 metre lido with excellent facilities, friendly & helpful staff and easy access from Cambridge by train and bus (or car). The water was warm (about 24 C) and the weather was fine initially although there was heavy rain as we left. An enjoyable day out except that one of our group was taken to hospital with suspected hypothermia – however, she soon recovered and returned to Cambridge later in the day!! Other pictures taken on the day are here & here

Proposed visit to another London Lido:

For those who couldn’t make the Monday appointment, we are planning another visit to Charlton Lido on a Tuesday and the details are as follows:

Date – Tuesday 25th February.
Visit – Charlton Lido, Hornfair Park, SE18 4LX – 50 metre outdoor heated pool. Note that the pool closes at 1400 and reopens at 1600 – also that it is closed on Wednesday and Thursday.

Unfortunately, the cafe at the pool is closed during the winter but there are other cafes nearby. We usually visit and can recommend:
Old Cottage Coffee Shop Cafe in Charlton Park
Travel arrangements – we aim to travel on the 09.24 train from Cambridge to London Blackfriars then a quick same platform change for the train to Charlton – then about 20 mins walk to the pool.
Senior railcard fare (off peak) £20.45 return but for younger Network card holders the fare would be £31.00 (but £20.45 on the 10.24 train)

p.s. “Also, travel by road is easy I’m told”

Contact on the day (Phone, text or WhatsApp) Richard on 07802 626821

Early closing of pool in final week

The Lido will be closing at 7.00pm each evening next week with last entry at 6.30pm. This is from Monday 16th September through to the final day on Sunday 22nd September.

This decision has been made for the safety of users and staff who still have to close up the facility after the Lido has closed to the public.

Many thanks for your understanding in this matter.

Yours sincerely

Daryl Emes

Cambridgeshire Partnership Manager

Felixstowe Day Out – Sunday October 13th

With the end of the season in 2 weeks on Sunday 22nd September, we are pleased to announce our annual sea swim and get together on October 13th in Felixstowe


Felixstowe poster 2019

All welcome!

Richard has pointed out the following train service for this year:

Cambridge 09.14
Ipswich arr 10.38 change train
Ipswich dep 10.55
Felixstowe arr 11.21
Felixstowe dep 16.25
Ipswich arr 16.50 change train
Ipswich dep 17.02
Cambridge arr 18.25

Early opening to pool this Thursday

To help our customers cool off on the hottest day of the year we are going to open early this Thursday 25th July.

The Lido and Café will open at 9.00am on that day instead of the scheduled 11.00am.

We hope to see you down there.

Many thanks

Daryl Emes

Cambridgeshire Partnership Manager

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