Welcome to The Friends of Jesus Green Pool/Lido

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The Lido is now open from 7 am to 7 pm 7 days a week!

You can Pre-Book at https://bookings.better.org.uk/location/jesus-green-lido or pay at the door with a card, no cash is accepted. Monthly passes are available at https://memberships.better.org.uk/centre/jesus-green-lido

The current pool temperature can be found on this page

The Friends of Jesus Green Lido are committed to supporting a much-loved facility and ensuring its bright future.

The Friends of Jesus Green Lido Committee represents swimmers and acts as a voice in consultation with Cambridge City Council (which owns the pool) and BETTER/ GLL (the organisation which currently operates the pool). Regular meetings are held to discuss various aspects of the pool and the Committee values its positive relationship with the City Council and Better.

In recent years a number of improvements have taken place as a result of suggestions from swimmers. These include a longer swimming season and early morning swimming. The addition of a small sauna is much appreciated in cooler weather.

The café is now running well and the ice cream parlour is popular with families. The Friends are in discussion about future plans for the pool and will be included in the consultation process about any major changes.

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