Summer Solstice 2022 pool celebration

Jesus Green pool will be open from 5 am to 10 pm on the longest day in 2022!

Summer Sostice 2022 poster

Additional information is that the Summer Solstice 2022 in Cambridge will be at 10:13 am on Tuesday, 21 June


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Celebration Party Invite

Hello swimmers!

Stash some cash in your bag when you come to the celebration party on April 2!

What could be nicer after a chilly swim than a hot cup of tea and a
piece of scrummy homemade cake?

There will be a bring-and-buy cake sale at the celebration party on
Saturday 2 April in aid of Ukraine.

The stall is being organised by a group of regular swimmers with the
much-appreciated support of Better.

Wear something blue and something yellow to signal your solidarity
with the people of Ukraine.

All proceeds from hot drinks and bakes will go to humanitarian causes
in Ukraine.

See you all on Saturday from 12 noon to 2 pm (pool open as usual from
7 am to 11am).

Don’t forget to bring some cash!

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365 day party at The Pool

365 days open! On the 2nd of April, the Lido will have been open for an entire year. To celebrate we are hosting a small party at the pool on Saturday 2nd April from 12-2 pm. Join us for some food, music & a group photo. The pool will be open as usual until 11 am. Will the water be warmer than last year’s opening of 10.7°C?

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Winter Pool Opening Success Story

Phil Rodgers has tweeted:

and I also notice from that decision on the below will be made on 24 March 2022

2. Approve the officer recommendation to extend the current management contract for 30 months until 31st March 2026, under the same terms but for a reduced management fee

3. Note the findings of GLL’s review of the Jesus Green Lido winter opening pilot and agree to its continuation under the same arrangements

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Gardening help at the Lido

The Council have a group of volunteers coming down to Jesus Green on Wednesday 2 March between 10 am-2 pm to carry out some gardening on the new hedges as they are tangled with weeds and just wanted to extend this to the Friends to see if any of them would like to help.

Many thanks

Please note the extended March opening times have been added to

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Winter Celebration Party Success

For many years the friends have held a winter party during the period of the pool closure, originally by invitation to a friend’s house but more recently at Hobbs Pavilion on Parker’s Piece.

These events were enjoyed by all but last winter there was no event so this year, with Covid continuing, we decided to get together socially at the lido.

After our morning swims (for some!) tables were set up and were soon full of food to share, warm mulled wine was served and the café was open for hot drinks.

The sun came out and we all enjoyed the opportunity for a friendly chat with old and new friends – over 50 people attending.

As with New Year’s Day, the interest and attendance at the event goes to prove how worthwhile the winter opening of the lido has been.

Thanks to Better & their staff for their help and support. Thanks to Antony & Will for the pictures & Richard forthe write up

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Poolside Winter Celebration Party

Friends of Jesus Green Lido
Winter celebration
Sunday 16th January 2022
11.00 – 12.00 @ the Lido

After a particularly good year at the pool, please join us for another chance to meet and socialise.

Many of you will have enjoyed our previous winter gatherings at Hobbs Pavilion but in this year of Covid, we’ve decided that it’s appropriate to meet at the pool.

Better have agreed to host the event on Sunday until 12.00 (the swim times remain 07.00 – 11.00), the café will be open but bring along food and drink to share – we plan to have a gazebo in case of rain.

So come along, have a swim (before 11.00)!
Join us there!

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2022 New Years Day Swim

A very well attended New Years Day swim with the pool temperature at a balmy 9.2°C much improved than the recent low of 4.8° seen on the 9th December

there was a lovely, friendly, sociable atmosphere. Friendly, helpful lifeguards – oh, & free mince pies & mulled wine..

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