Minutes from meeting 13th February 2018

Friends of Jesus Green Lido Committee
Venue: 25 George Street, Cambridge
Present: Richard Folley, Nicky Spoor, Nicky Blanning, Ben Pridgeon, Anie Morgan James, Anne Campbell, Becky Allen
Apologies: Mary Latham, Francis Jeans, Geoff Jones, Alex Buxton, Will Hudson
1) Welcome and thanks to Nicky Spoor for hosting the meeting.
2) Review of minutes from committee meeting on 4th December 2017.
3) Matters arising – Kevan’s legacy is still pending. Nicky Blanning has contacted his wife several times but has had no response from her.
4) Chair’s update –
Nicky Blanning highlighted the importance of keeping communications open with the City Council and GLL. She has also been made aware of Community funding that could be used to improve the lido. Nicky has had no response from GLL to her query about a breakdown of the costs required to have the pool opening hours extended.
Ian Ross is to be contacted about several key issues (Action: Nicky Blanning)
Opening times – are these set or can they be changed? Possibility of restricted opening hours during the winter.
Details of the contract with GLL/Better
Staff numbers
Improving cleanliness

5) Treasurer’s report – This is unchanged since the last meeting. There is approximately £2 000 in the account including donations from Kevan’s memorial.
6) Membership update – This is unchanged since the last meeting.There are currently 178 names on the email list.
7) A draft of the constitution had previously been circulated to the committee and several amendments were suggested. The constitution should also include membership details. It was agreed by the committee that a joining fee of £1, with the option of an extra voluntary donation, would be appropriate to cover administration costs of the Friends of Jesus Green Lido. Membership should be open to everyone. A committee quorum should be 1/3 of the total number of committee members.
Action: Becky Allen will update the draft constitution and circulate to the committee for final approval.
8) Ben Pridgeon outlined the process involved in applying for a ‘section 106’ funding grant from the city council. This funding has previously been used for art projects and to improve open spaces and play areas in the city. The criteria would need to be confirmed and a proposal put forward to GLL for a joint application from Friends of Jesus Green Lido and GLL. The committee agreed that a hot tub, new benches and deck chairs would be a valid and worthwhile suggestion. Anie will research costs of hot tubs. Urgent action is needed as the closing date for the application is 3rd April 2018. Action: Ben Pridgeon, Nicky Blanning, Anie Morgan
9) The committee felt it was vital to improve the publicity of the lido. GLL/Better usually contact the Cambridge News at the start of the season. It would also be beneficial to raise the profile of the “Friends of Jesus Green Lido’ by producing posters and cards that could be distributed around the city and included in the tourist board’s publicity leaflets and online information. It was also suggested that a simple ‘Friends’ logo could be designed and printed onto t-shirts, sweatshirts and mugs. Action: Nicky Spoor, Richard Folley ( to contact Francis)
10) Nicky is to arrange a meeting in March with Daryl Emes and Ian Ross. Action: Nicky Blanning
11) The opening date for the lido is 12th May 2018. The Friends propose having a membership stall. On Friday 11th May there will be a ‘Friends’ special evening pool session with refreshments.
13) Any other business –
Committee members have visited other open air pools and lidos and been impressed by the cleanliness and staffing of these. Some have extended opening seasons for members with minimal staffing requirements. Ideally these ideas could be discussed with GLL and the city council.
The plastic hoarding has been removed from the pool plant room but the scaffolding is still up. The committee would like an update on the work being carried out. Action: Nicky Blanning
As the 100 years of the pool is coming up, there was some discussion about it being a listed building. Ben suggested that it is unlikely to obtain this status but might be eligible to be listed as an ‘Asset of Community Value’ ACV. Action: Ben Pridgeon
The winter party at Hobbs Pavillion was very successful. Thanks to Francis, Richard and Geoff for organising it. Nicky and Alex are compiling the results of the questionnaire that was carried out at the event.

14) The next meeting will be held in March with representative from the city council and GLL.

Felixstowe Day Out 2017

After last years very successful change of location, we are repeating our postseason seaside outing to Felixstowe on Sunday, October 15th, meeting by the Fludyers Hotel (Postcode IP11 7LU ) at 11 am.

We will be having a sea swim followed by fish & chips and a walk along the seafront.

Google Earth view of The Beach

Enter October with a splash!

Overcote by The Ouse Click image for more photos

Alex is planning to meet for an informal swim in the River Ouse and a picnic lunch at Overcote 12 noon on Sunday 1st October. It’s a short 1.5-mile walk from the Swavesey request stop on the guided busway.

From the village of Over, take the lane (Chain Road) signposted from a corner near the church and follow straight to the river, approx. 2 miles. Plenty of parking. Bring hot drinks, picnic and picnic rug, warm jumpers, swimming things. There’s a small concrete slipway good for getting into the water.


Election of new committee officers on 4th September 2017

Election of new committee officers on 4th September 2017

Chairperson: Nicky Blanning

Secretary: Anne Campbell

Treasurer: Nicky Maughan (with Alex Buxton as a second signature)

Membership/Website: Geoff Jones

Press Communications/Publicity: Becky Allen and Alex Buxton

Othe committee members are:

Mary Latham*, David Wells, Richard Folley, Francis Jeans, Will Hudson, Ben Pridgeon, Anie Morgan James,  James Murray-White, Caroline Lewis*, Rosie Tween*

  • changes on 19 April 2018 committee meeting

New committee selection meeting

We will be having a meeting for the selection of a Chairperson, Treasurer & Secretary and the formation of a new committee at The Waterman PH at 6 pm on Monday 4th September.

If you are unable to attend but wish to be considered for a post or on the committee please respond to this email.

The minutes of the meeting held on 23 August 2017 are now available on our website at https://www.jesusgreenpool.org/2017/08/30/minutes-of-the-friends-of-jesus-green-pool-meeting-on-23-august-2017

Please note: The Potting Shed is not available for this meeting but we have reserved three tables in the main bar by the Victoria Ave/Chesterton Rd corner

Minutes of the Friends of Jesus Green Pool Meeting on 23 August 2017

Minutes of the Friends of Jesus Green Pool Meeting on 23 August 2017

1. Nicky Blanning welcomed everyone and thanked them for coming. Over 30 people attended. Some apologies had also been received.

2. Matters discussed:
a) this summer at the pool including: showers; hot water; cleaning; lifeguards; rules in general; activities for children; queuing and fast track access for season ticket holders (the whole entrance issue); money raised in Kevan Heydon’s memory; long term aims.

b) Showers and Cleaning – the overall opinion was that the men’s showers were warmer now, but had been terrible. Cleaning generally very mixed – in the showers and cubicles, and leaves in the pool, but the opinion was that the pool was under-staffed. Insufficient lifeguards, chatting close together, did not help.

c) Proliferation of rules – Some Members commented on being shouted at by lifeguards when apparently doing some misdemeanour or breaching a rule, combined with a feeling that there was not a good atmosphere, partly as a result of the inconsistency of the enforcement of rules. All of this has led to a more negative experience of coming to this lovely setting. Improved management necessary.

d) Children – there appear to be fewer children using the pool than in previous years, with no fun activities or floats allowed, and the swim test that has to be re-taken on every visit. A few Members felt that some children had been upset by the lifeguards’ approach. Clearly, some Members themselves have been affected by the lifeguards’ attitude, but others felt that the lifeguards were doing their best, given the low numbers of staff. Parents were not able to take photos of their own children, even if taken with extreme care and providing evidence to the lifeguards.

e) Watching visitors – Another key message was that elderly (and other) visitors to the pool were no longer allowed to come in and watch, or to have a cup of tea, without having to pay the full swim entry price (even when the pool is virtually empty).

f) Swifter Card Entry – a discussion was held regarding swifter card entry for season ticket holders and the view that Better and the City Council should be doing more to enable fast entry, and this might also encourage new people to buy season tickets. Better/ GLL apparently manage to organise faster card access at other outdoor centres. Use of contactless cards would help, as the taking of cash is incredibly slow.

g) Maintenance – Important request was to understand who is responsible for repairs and maintenance – Better or the City Council or both? Members want to know in order to get some appropriate action.

h) Half price season tickets – there used to be half price season tickets on offer at the start of the school holidays. This really helped many families to be able to afford to come regularly.

i) Lottery funding – and long term Strategic aims – Members all felt that there should be a longer term ambition for improving the pool’s facilities, especially with the 100 year anniversary approaching (5 years’ time). Members felt this would be key for a new Committee.

j) The Pump room – looks a mess, and what is going on? A suggestion that a café could be built above, being accessible to users of Jesus Green itself and the pool.

k) Accessibility – both Better and the City Council should do more to promote the accessibility of the pool with its hoist.

l) The Friends’ bank account – now has over £1000 in it, thanks to the generosity of friends and family of Kevan Heydon. A key wish for Kevan was to improve the speed of entry for season ticket holders, so this will become a priority for the new Committee.

3. Formation of new Committee to raise the Friends’ profile and to meet both Better/ GLL and the City Council on a regular basis. Interested parties were asked to raise their hands and to get in touch with Nicky. A meeting date would be organised soon. Any Member not wishing to join the Committee would still be welcome to attend meetings.

4. Any Other Business – there was none.

5. Date of next meeting to be advised.

Meeting held at The Potting Shed, Waterman PH

New committee meeting proposal

Welcome all Friends of Jesus Green Pool

I am keen to create a new Committee for the Friends to assist our communication with
a) ourselves
b) Better
c) the City Council
d)to determine the use of any funds that have been raised.

If you would be interested in joining a new Committee, please email back to nb200@cam.ac.uk

The date proposed for an initial meeting is WEDNESDAY 23 AUGUST 2017 6.00PM AT THE BOATHOUSE PUB, Chesterton Road.

If you are interested but unable to attend on that date, please let me know.
Thank you all.

Best wishes
Nicky Blanning

Kevan Heydon 1967 – 2017

It is with deep sadness that we announce the loss of a valued ‘regular’. Kevan suffered a massive heart attack at home from which he tragically didn’t recover.

The details of his funeral, wake and a memorial swim follow. from his wife Michelle

From his wife Michelle

Dear All,

The funeral and wake have now been arranged for this Friday at 3:15pm. Please see details, and forward to any who need it.

Please note there will not be enough seats for everyone at the Lodge for the service, but the staff will be opening the bi-fold doors at the back, so if you’re up for standing – please do.

Love to all,


Kevan Heydon 1967 – 2017 Funeral: Friday 30th June 2017

Service: 3:15 pm at The Lodge , Arbory Trust’s Barton Glebe Woodland Burial Ground, Barton, Cambridge Family flowers only, donations to be made in Kevan’s memory to Friends of Jesus Green Pool (see below, or send to me).

Attire: Wear whatever you feel most comfortable in. Kevan’s preference was casual, and he’d hate to think he was making his family & friends wear a suit and black!

Burial: 3:45 pm at the Graveside (family only) The Arbory Trust’s Barton Glebe Woodland Burial Ground, Barton, Cambridge

Travelling details: The Burial Ground is located on Comberton Road, Barton (the B1046) between the villages of Barton and Comberton. For those of you with GPS systems, Barton Glebe does not have postal facilities, and therefore no official post code, but the closest one in operation is CB23 7BN. The co-ordinates are N52.18649 o , E0.04616 o . Otherwise, the map should guide you successfully to Barton Glebe. The M11 Junction 12 is the closest Motorway junction.

Wake: 5:00 pm til late, at our home, 5 Bandon Rd, Girton Cambridge CB3 0LU We will be providing a BBQ to send Kevan off in style, with 3 firkins of ale from Milton Brewery. So many friends have asked how they can help, and so here is the way! We would love to receive either a cake for the dessert table (that doesn’t need a fridge), a salad or wine/lager if ale doesn’t appeal 🙂 Parking @ Bandon Rd Our neighbours further down the street, at 17 Bandon Road have a construction site next door, and they have offered the site from 5pm for parking, which should take 20-30 cars. Do try and car share if possible, otherwise – it will be pot luck on the street.

Memories of Kevan



Please use these links above to upload photo’s and anecdotes of happy/funny memories you have of Kevan, and this will be curated and made into a book for the family to enjoy and reminisce later on. There will also be an opportunity to add new anecdotes at the wake, as the stories get longer!

Memorial Swim, There will also be a memorial swim for Kevan at Jesus Green pool on Sunday 2nd July, – gates opening early for us at 10:30 am. Do come along and enjoy the solitude of a swim before the public start arriving!

Donations in memory of Kevan

Donations to be made in Kevan’s memory to the pool he loved. We are hoping to raise enough to provide a quick access card swipe system for Members with season tickets, enabling them to get in quickly for lunchtime swims when the queues are long.

Friends of Jesus Green Swimming Pool,

Barclays Chesterton Road Cambridge
Sort code 20-17-35 Account no 43103676

Let me know if you need further details. Michelle, Abi, Nic & Jon. michelle@heydon.org 01223 276425 07773 427303