Winter Celebration at the Lido

Winter Celebration
Sunday 15th January 2023
11.00 – 13.00 @ the Lido

After a particularly successful and busy year at the pool, please join us for another chance to meet and socialise. Many of you will have enjoyed our previous winter gatherings, over the past 25 years, at friends’ homes & Hobbs Pavilion but now that the Lido is open year-round, once again this year we’ve decided that it’s appropriate to meet at the Lido.

Better have agreed to extend this Sunday’s opening time by an hour until 13.00 (the pool opens at 07.00), the café will be open but bring along food and drink to share – we hope to have a gazebo in case of rain. So come along, have a swim (before 11.00) Join us there!

Committee of the Friends of Jesus Green Lido: