Serotonin Swim – Your Invite

How good does swimming make you feel?

We want to help you and more people experience the incredible benefits of swimming outdoors at Jesus Green Lido.

Serotonin Swim is a once a month Sunday Swim club with simple aims:

  • Give everyone who swims 1 length or more a mini reward (sometimes edible) as recognition for their effort
  • Harness the knowledge of the JGL lido community to share tips and techniques to help people adjust to swimming in cooler temperatures
  • Strengthen relationships amongst the lido community. According to this 70 year Harvard study relationships are the single biggest influential factor on the quality of our life

You can register here. Takes 30 seconds.

How much does it cost? Zero. You only pay for entry to the pool. Registering this week will mean we love you more than a hot drink after a cool swim (that is a lot!)

Do you remember that day you felt a bit down and alone? And then you went for a swim and felt better. Maybe it was simply the swim, maybe you had a serendipitous conversation with someone by the pool. Whatever it was swimming helps in so many ways. Recap on the science at Serotonin Swim and you can read what inspired me (Sam) to start it.

Thanks for reading this, I’m sure you’ve had a busy day. Please hold in mind that you are important. You deserve a moment for you tonight (and maybe a swim in the morning?).

P.S – A big thank you to Nicky, Becky and Geoff for helping get this off the ground. And to Daryl and George from Better for their support.