23 February meeting notes

JG Pool meeting

23rd February 2016 @ Hobbs Pavilion

Brief notes based on the agenda: –

Present:    Daryl Emes – Better/GLL Partnership Manager, Todd Baxter – Better/GLL General Manager, Ian Ross – Cambridge City Council and around 25 ‘friends’ of Jesus Green Pool

1    Men’s showers – variable water temperature seen as related to pressure variability and the Houseboat discharge facility adjoining the Men’s shower block –  being investigated.

2    Ladies Showers & drainage – drains being cleared of roots (as they are every year)

3    Men’s toilets smell from houseboat discharge – essentially a design problem with the interconnected drains. Being investigated but probably little prospect of any immediate fix.

4    Cleanliness of showers & toilets – request from those present for better monitoring by pool staff

5    Pool water quality – much discussion about occasional poor water quality. Usually occurs during busy periods when the filter pumps struggle to cope with the volume of water – not thought to be related to sun cream usage.

6    Lane etiquette – Ensure that lane/direction boards are placed (& fixed) at both ends of the pool – request for pool staff to monitor problems and take action when necessary.

7    Staffing & lane closures – aim is to keep open the whole pool at all times. Suggestion that Triathlete swimmers should be restricted to their own lane when possible.

8    Opening times – Times are expected to follow last years schedules with additional extended opening times unlikely (although a special occasion late opening will be looked into eg. mid-summer day?)

9    Cafe provision – Cafe will be run in-house by Better/GLL with a limited offer of drinks and snacks. Note – A Catering Manager has been appointed at Parkside and will be responsible for Jesus Green.

Other items:

  • There was a general acknowledgement by those present that GLL have improved the running of the pool and were thanked for their efforts.
  • Summer 2016 opening date: Saturday 14th May (also a brief opening evening of Friday 13th May)
  • Trees – there is a long term plan to remove all the the Lelandi and replace with alternative trees.

Post meeting note – The new Catering Manager, Maurizio Cavaliere has been in touch and is keen to promote the new cafe at Jesus Green Pool.

notes of the meeting taken by RF and approved by DE