Jesus Green Pool sauna finally gets switched on.

barrel sauna

Jesus Green Pool sauna

With 38 days left in the current season, today marked the  inauguration of the sauna, proudly standing where the original cafe once stood. Today was a day of free entry. The sauna is now enclosed in it’s own area with wooden palings and has it’s own little gate.

Better have decided to charge, swimming season ticket holders an extra £2 for a twenty minute session identified with a rubber band, it’s unclear to me how will this will work in practice, unless a ‘lifeguard’ gets stationed at the picket fence. Day swimmers can get a swim+sauna ticket for £6.50 or maybe it’s going to be £6.80 🙂

It’s an interesting idea, time will tell if it gets used, it’s already been vandalised once by the night raiders so doesn’t bode to well 🙁