A very sad green Jesus Green Pool

Timehop now and a year ago The pool is currently suffering terribly due to the breakdown of its filtration pumps (now fixed apparently) after a very busy sunny weekend.

Today Better roped of the deep centre portion leaving two 40 yard sections at each end. The deep water was so cloudy they couldn’t see their test manequin on the pool bottom 🙁

You can see the difference in my comparison picture from a year ago. Tomorrow Friday 24th July it might be best to call them 01223 302579 to check the situation before going.

The pool is also suffering it’s annual problems with the hot showers. This year its the turn of the ladies to have a cold one!

Maybe instead of installing a sauna, which apparently should be operational ‘soon’ the money could have been better spent on refurbishing the showers and pump room!


A reader writes:

I’ve just got out of Letchworth pool and they’re having a similar problem – green bottom….