Good News for the 2015 season

I did an inspection of the pool today 🙂 The painting is going well and they are hoping to fill the pool towards the end of next week.

2-IMG_2639Even better news is that Better have now installed the missing set of steps, as suggested by myself, at the Mens shallow end 🙂 although the slats are missing they hope to complete by the opening.


1-IMG_2637Even better  is that Better have now created Christopher’s idea of a wet weather shelter by reversing a few of the changing cubicles. They have chosen a few of the ladies ones adjacent to the vending machines, which I guess will quickly fill up with kids on the warmer days. Although usually when it is cold & wet only us regulars are there 🙂

So yep Better listen and even better they ACT..

Also it looks like the 3 pool idea, cafe outdoor gym and sauna may also happen in years to come. If cash can be found…