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The pool cafe opens.

Rickie & Will at their new Pool CafeToday the pool cafe, all be it with limited options due to electricity supply problems.

Two budding entrepreneurs, Rickie & Will have taken it on for the season. They certainly seem very enthusiastic and on the ball.

I gave them the results from our little mail shot which has garnered 18 responses in 24 hours! Cheese, Coffee, banana’s, tea, Tomato, Water, Mango, Egg, Apple & Tuna appear in the top 10 of requested items. All the results can be found by clicking this link. Jesus Green Lido Cafe – Coming Soon(2014-06-12 17-46-45)

We wish them well in their endeavour.


Jesus Green Pool cafe

BETTER have this week (9th June) released a paper questionnaire, available from the basket room, asking swimmers for their preferences at the proposed new cafe. We urge you to fill it in, alternatively you can fill it in here, all results will go to BETTER.